1946 Packard Clipper Brochure

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Brochure measures 8.5 x 11 inches with 16 pages and includes the original envelope.

Mechanical engineer James Ward Packard and his brother, William Dowd Packard, built their first automobile, a buggy-type vehicle with a single cylinder engine, in Warren, Ohio in 1899. The company earned early fame in 1904 for a 4-Cylinder aluminum speedster called the "Gray Wolf." It became one of the first American racing cars made available to the general public. With the 1916 release of the first V-12 engine, Packard established itself as the country's leading luxury-auto manufacturer. The V-12 engine was adapted for use in aircraft during World War I. Packard was also the first manufacturer to introduce air-conditioning.

The famous Packard advertising slogan "Ask the man who owns one," originated in 1901. By this time New York millionaire William D. Rockefeller owned a Packard. The slogan peppered ads and dealer brochures for for 43 years.

James Ward Packard driving a 1902. Photo is from Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.

In the 1930s, the superior resources of General Motors and the success of GM's V-16 engine elevated Cadillac as the new premier luxury car in America. Packard responded by producing smaller more affordable models. World War II halted consumer car production and in the postwar years Packard continued to struggle as Cadillac maintained a firm hold on the luxury auto market. To ad insult to injury, the media saddled the struggling Packard with nicknames like "bathtub" and "pregnant elephant."

With sales dwindling by the 1950s, Packard merged with the much larger Studebaker Corporation in hopes of cutting productions costs. The new Packard-Studebaker became the fourth largest auto manufacturer in the nation. Studebaker was struggling as well however and eventually dropped all of its own larger cars including the Packard. The last true Packard rolled off the production line in Detroit Michigan in June 25th, 1956. A few Studebaker models with the Packard nameplate where produced until 1958 when the "Packard" name was finally retired.

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Condition: Excellent condition. The envelope shows some wear and discoloration. The pics show some discoloration but the actual brochure is bright and crisp.

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