Haband Tie Company brochures and samples

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Collection of merchandise flyers, order forms, fabric samples and a return envelope from the Haband Tie Company in Paterson, NJ. Lot includes 22 individual items, including the envelope and fabric samples. Flyers measure between 3 x 6" and 6 x 9" when open. This appears to be a sales kit marketing all of Haband's products in 1966. It was probably mailed to prospective customers on request. The company is still in business today

 The following excerpt is from the current Haband Co. web site. Click here to visit haband.com

"You'll Never Get a Better Deal!" That's been the motto of Haband Company ever since its humble beginnings back in 1925. Founded that year in Paterson, New Jersey by M. Habernickel Jr. and John Anderson, the company initially sold quality handmade ties at a few local banks. But once Habernickel got the bright idea to take photographs of the ties and mail those "advertisements" to banks far out of the reach of Habernickel and his bicycle, the business was off and running, operating exclusively through the U.S. Mail. It wasn't long before the family-owned business expanded its offerings to include a full line of casual and dress menswear and Habernickel's son, Duke, had been given the reins as President of the company. The company still operates as a mail order business today. 

In addition to co-founding the company M. H. Habernickel was the company's copywriter. His work was briefly mentioned in Richard Hogsdon's 1986 book "The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time."

Condition: All items are in excellent condition.


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