1918 Lasell Seminary Photograph

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Photo measures 6.5 x 8.5 inches and includes the names of the women photographed on the back.

The back of the photo reads:
"Lenora's Corridor Lasell Seminary, 1917 - 18" & "absent - Dorothy Hall, Swampscott Mass. (Dot, my roomate)"

The names listed on the back are as follows: 

Lydia Greely, Needham Mass. (Murphy)  •  Florence Beaumell, Kansas City MO. (Bunny)   •  Sarah Hopkins, Ft. Fairfield ME.  •  Katherine Appel, Pourtsmouth Ohio (Katapel or Katie)   •  Maria Orgco, Mexico City  •  Hannabel Baer, kansas City, MO.   •  Edna Hauck, Prtsmouth Ohio (Eddie)  •  Mabel Rutledge, Everett, Mass. (Jackie)   •  Marion Williams, Edgewood, R.I. (Billie)   •  Mary Hopkins, Ft. Fairfield, ME.  •  Geraldine Evans, Pottstown, PA. (Jerry)  •  Adelyn Pearce, Edgewood, R.I. (Adel)  •  Glady Evans, Pttstown, PA. (?)  •  Elisabeth Schott, Coleman Sta., NY. (Eddie)

Lasell Seminary was founded in 1851 as the Auburndale Female Seminary by Edward Lasell, a Williams College Professor of Chemistry. He died of typhoid fever during the first semester but his school was successful and it was soon renamed Lasell Femalel Seminary in hsi memory. In time the school gained national recognition and students came from all over the United States to attend Lasell. According to Wikipedia Lasell Women were often courted by students from Harvard College.

While it's initial model was similar to a ladies' finishing academy, Lasell offered two years of standard collegiate instruction as early as1852 and is cited as having been the "first successful and persistent" junior college in the United States.

in 1932, the college changed it's name to Lasell Junior College and in 1943 the school officially began offering associate's degrees. In 1989 Lasell became a four-year institution and in 1997 began admitting male students. Lasell's official name is now "Lasell College" and they offer both bachelors and masters degrees.

Below is a 1903 class photograph of the Seminary from the Library of Congress collection. (click to enlarge)

And an early Ad for Lasell Seminary.

Condition: The image is crisp but the photo is in fragile condition. There are some tears on the left side and the corners are worn.


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