1912 Westerly Sun Cartoon Book

  • $645.00

Leather bound book featuring caricatures of notable men in Westerly RI around the turn of the 20th Century. Cartoons were originally published in the Westerly Sun, a Rhode Island newspaper still publishing in RI. I have thus far not been able to determine the origins of this book or the cartoonist. I have contacted the newspaper for more information and will post anything that I learn. Click here to read more about the book in our blog.

There are 47 pages printed on one side (card stock) and measuring 10.25 x 7 inches.

Names of the gentleman that appear in the book:
E. R. Allen, H.C. Babcock, Everett Barns, Geo. E. Broughton, Edward M. Burke, C. W. Campbell, A. L. Castritius, Dr. John Champlin, WM. Clark, Arthur M. Cottrell, Frank W. Coy, I. B. Crandall, E. M. Dodge, Robert Drysdale, Maurice W. Flynn, A. W. Fisher, W. H. Holmes, Albert H. Langworthy, Dr. Edwin R. Lewis, Thomas McKenzi, H. R. Mitchell, A. R. Stillman, Eugene O'Neil, Eugene B. Pendleton, Jas. M. Pendleton, Charles Perry, Herbert W. Rathbun, Louis J. Reuter, Thos. E. Robinson, Chas. E. Sherman, Frank A. Sherman, M. H. Spellman, George Benjamin Utter, Geo. H. Utter, C. H. Stanton, Chas. E. Stewart, Albert H. Spicer, Everett E. Whipple, Chas. P. Whitall, Dr. Edwin Whitford, Arthur N. Nash

Condition: Fair condition. Appears to be complete though the pages are no longer bound. Leather covers are in poor condition. With the exception of the first page, individual pages are in very good condition, a couple have been repaired and there is some discoloration. (see pics) I've included a pic of every page and book comes with a DVD with high resolution scans of every page.


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