1948 Universal Marine Engines Distributor Packet



The Packet includes a binder, intro letter, 10 individual 8.5 x 11 sales sheets (with specifications printed on the back side), price list and a return form/letter.

It appears, based on the introduction letter, that Universal was considering the establishment of a "Universal distributorship" in Rhode Island. L. E. Crafts, Vice President and General Sales Manager of Universal, reached out to the Point Judith Fishermen's Cooperative for advice on a suitable representative in Rhode Island.

A Brief History:

In 1895 E. Homer Fahrney, a Chicago industrialist, built and patented a 2-stroke single cylinder inboard marine engine that he used to power the boat he kept at his summer home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He later built similar engines for several friends.

In 1898 Fahrney partnered with two Oshkosh men, Louis J. Monahan and John Termatt to manufacture and distribute the engines. The resulting company was called Termatt & Monahan. The engines they produced where utilized for boats, early automobiles and farm equipment. Though the details are unclear, sometime before 1919 The Universal

The three men sold T&M in 1910 and later founded the Badger Manufacturing Company of Oshkosh in 1912. The complicated relationship between T&M, the Badger Motor Company and Universal is unclear though there is evidence that the Universal Manufacturing Company of Oshkosh acquired the Badger Company in 1915.

By 1923 the Universal Motor Company was producing marine motors, industrial engines, generators, pumps and welders. Universal engines were even being used to open the locks of the Panama Canal.

In 1924 Mr. Termatt became president of Universal. In 1926 Termatt resigned and Homer Fahrney assumed the presidents position. Under his direction the marine product line was expanded and the company grew even larger. Upon Fahrney's death in 1935, Ralph G. Kliforth, previously the general manager, purchased the company.

The company continued to grow and was eventually purchased by Westerbeke Inc. of Avon Massachusetts in 1990. Westerbeke/Universal continues to produce and sell Marine diesel engines.

Condition: The folder is in good condition with some wear, creasing and a tiny tear on right edge. The individual Sales sheets are in excellent condition and the letter shows some discoloration and staining (see pics)

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