1911 James Street School Class Photo, East Providence, RI

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A March 15th, 1911 Class Photo from the Upper Room Classes of the James Street School in East Providence, RI. The photo, with the mat it's mounted on measure 11 x 14 inches. The photo alone measures 6 x 8.25 inches.

As best as I can make out the names on the back of the photo, I've listed them below.

Harold Winchester  •  Frank Guvey  •  Paris Bump   •  Ernest DeEtte  •   Walter McDowell  •  Stewart Golden  •  Arthur Connette  •  William Gibson   •  Courtland Kent   •  Arthur Birgil  •   Elmer DuHammel  •  Stephen Greene   •  William Baker  •   Wilfred Fenniey  •  Ellis Spears   •   Ethel Hauxle   •  Susan Gray   •  Clematina Surette   •  Margaret O'Gar  •   May Housen  •  May Speiver  •  Amelia Silver   •  Arthur DuHammel  •  Margaret Taylor  •   Mabel Armstrong  •  Mary Guvey   •  Geneva Hicks   •   Clarence Husnander  •  Svea Anderrson  •  Louise Bump  •  Martha Coffee   •  Marion Greene  •  Louis Thresher  •  Frank Halliday  •   Frank Raker  •  Miss Atkinson   •  Fredora Spears  •   Raymond Gammon  •  Bertha Carron

I did some online research related to the "James Street School" and located the following accounts:

Excerpt from the 1885 Annual Report of the Rhode Island Board of Education.
Under the Category (School Houses)

EAST PROVIDENCE – Another New School-house – The James street school-house was finished soon after the closing of the last report, and was immediately occupied. The building has proved well adapted for school purposes, excelled by none in the town, and is a commodious house of two school-rooms, accommodating about one hundred pupils. The lower room is, however, inadequate to meet the requirements, there having been in that department ever since the opening of the building more than fifty-six seats would accommodate. – Committee.

Below is a 1924 Class Photo from The Arcadia Publishing "images of America" series for East Providence, RI. The Heritage Room Committee of East Providence claims the James Street School was built in 1882.

Unfortunately it appears the James Street School-House was torn down in 2003. The following excerpt was quoted from the July 15, 2003 East Providence City Council Meeting. I looked for the School on Google Maps and could not seem to locate it.

(By Mayor Grant, Councilman Miranda and Councilman Ramos)
Demolition of Tristam Burges School and James Street School

Mr. Miranda says the James Street School should come down first and says it should happen soon.

On motion of Councilman Harrington, seconded by Councilman Miranda, it is unanimously voted to refer the land use issue of the James Street School to the Planning Department.

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