Notable Men of Westerly RI, circa 1912

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I recently picked up an interesting "cartoon" book published by "The Westerly Sun" in Rhode Island. The book is titled "JUST FOR FUN." It features notable men of Westerly RI in 1912. Click here to view the listing on our products page.

The Book includes caricatures of the following men:
E. R. Allen, H.C. Babcock, Everett Barns, Geo. E. Broughton, Edward M. Burke, C. W. Campbell, A. L. Castritius, Dr. John Champlin, WM. Clark, Arthur M. Cottrell, Frank W. Coy, I. B. Crandall, E. M. Dodge, Robert Drysdale, Maurice W. Flynn, A. W. Fisher, W. H. Holmes, Albert H. Langworthy, Dr. Edwin R. Lewis, Thomas McKenzi, H. R. Mitchell, A. R. Stillman, Eugene O'Neil, Eugene B. Pendleton, Jas. M. Pendleton, Charles Perry, Herbert W. Rathbun, Louis J. Reuter, Thos. E. Robinson, Chas. E. Sherman, Frank A. Sherman, M. H. Spellman, George Benjamin Utter, Geo. H. Utter, C. H. Stanton, Chas. E. Stewart, Albert H. Spicer, Everett E. Whipple, Chas. P. Whitall, Dr. Edwin Whitford, Arthur N. Nash

I located another book online titled "Leading Business Men of Westerly, Stonington, and vicinity," Copyright by Mercantile Publishing Co., 1889. The book includes information on several of the men listed above.

Click here to view a pdf

*This is a text version of the book created with OCR software and is poorly formatted. I'll include a pdf of the scanned book with the actual item.

Robert Drysdale, one of the men featured in "Just for Fun" is also sited in "Leading Business Men." I've copied an excerpt below. Interestingly it reads like an advertisement for Mr. Drysdale's business.

"Robert Drysdale, Plumber, Steam and Gas Fitter and Dealer in Supplies 64 Main St. Westerly R. I. — As no subject bears a more important relation to the health of our families than that of sanitary plumbing, we need make no apology for giving it prominence in this book. Every drain pipe, in every house, is liable to be a source of disease, and the only way to make sure that those in your house are not defective, is to have them examined by a competent expert, that is, unless you know, that, they are without flaw, from your own personal knowledge. A gentleman excellently qualified to supervise the construction and repair of plumbing of all kinds, is Mr. Robert Drysdale doing business at No. 64 Main street. He is one of the most thorough and experienced, steam and gas fitters in this town, giving personal attention to every order and thus being able to guarantee that all work entrusted to him will be done thoroughly and economically. Employment is given to only experienced assistants and a large businsss is done, as Mr. Drysdale’s ability is well known and customers of his, feel sure of receiving liberal and equitable treatment."

Here's a pic of Robert from "Just for Fun." You can click on the image to view a larger version in another window or tab.

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